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Assurance and Testing

Our Attestation and Assurance services include audits, reviews, and compilations, as well as subsidiary auditor services. Audit, review, and compilation programs are custom-made for each individual client to reflect their own organization and environment. Essentially all of our clients whom require attestation also utilize our tax services.

Audits, Reviews and Compilations

  • We offer audit, review, and compilation services for historical, forecasted, and projected financial statements. Several of our attest engagements are for consolidated or combined statements of multiple entities operating in multiple states and countries. Besides reviewing and auditing financial statements, prepared based on general accepted accounting principles in the United States, we also review and audit statements based on other standards, including international financial reporting standards ("IFRS").
  • We evaluate the entities' operation and internal control and assist many clients in improving their internal control effectiveness.
  • We perform analytical procedures and compare clients' operation result with industry benchmarks and assist them in improving their operation efficiency.
  • We provide add-on value to our clients by identifying internal control deficiencies during our attestation and assurance services and assisting them in implementation of their internal control.

Component Auditor Services

  • • We are experienced subsidiary auditors on an international scale, and have worked closely with our clients' global principal auditors, including auditors from all Big Four accounting firms. Our firm brings a strong comfort level to bridging the gap between the financial statements of a parent company and those of its subsidiaries, while offering services of the highest quality required by principal auditors. Our experience includes responsibilities for the entirety of a multinationals' operations in the Americas, comprising of operations in several countries in North, Central, and South America.

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