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We offer diverse consulting services to allow clients to maximize efficiencies and maximize value, whether through mergers and acquisitions, growing an organization organically, or improving operational efficiencies and internal controls. We also offer valuation services both for financial reporting, business merger and acquisitions, and wealth transfer.

Mergers and acquisitions

  • We assist our clients in evaluating mergers and acquisitions proposals, including analyzing financial data, evaluating synergy savings, and determining acquisition prices.
  • We evaluate various tax structures of the transaction to minimize income and sales taxes of the transactions, and to take advantage of future tax benefits after the transaction.
  • We perform due diligence studies on the target corporations, including evaluation of financial reporting function, internal control and operational efficiency, corporate governance and compliance, and contingent liabilities.

Businesses valuation

  • We perform business valuation engagements for family businesses for federal gift and estate tax planning and filing compliance.
  • We assist the acquirer in merger and acquisition situations to determine the allocation of the fair value of tangible and intangible assets for financial accounting and tax reporting purposes.
  • We assist in the determination of any impairment of intangible and long lived assets under ASC 350 and ASC 360 for financial statement reporting purposes.
  • We perform due diligence studies for financial institutions to determine the fair value of businesses before granting credit in extending credits, shareholder buyout transactions and business acquisitions.

Growing businesses

  • We assist clients with setting up and automating their accounting systems and provide in-house training of their accounting staff. We also assist smaller clients in setting up their accounting systems, transaction recording, and year-end adjustments and closing.
  • We assist our clients in writing and formulating their business plans and preparing forecast financial statements for business loans and public funding through venture capitalists. We also assist clients in their expansion by formalizing their personnel policies and structuring compensation packages, including pension and stock option plans.
  • We assist clients in securing financing through banks and the small business administration.
  • We assist our clients in overseas business expansion by researching the local business environment, tax incentives and regulations, and selecting and implementing the foreign business structure.

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